Hyundai MOBIS company, the biggest supplier of Hyundai, assembles four car moduls: front end module, rear chassis module, front chassis module and cockpit module in Nošovice plant. Plant in Mošnov produces head lamps and rear lamps for Hyundai and Kia cars and batteries for Hyundai Kona Electric.

Nowadays, the production modularization in the automotive industry is a way, issuing almost all car factories to ensure their competitiveness. Hyundai MOBIS company goal is to manufacture and supply the best quality modules, enabling to become one of the best company in the world.

Front End Module

This is a product unit to provide CBU makers with integrated parts placed in the front of the engine compartment including the radiator, headlamps, bumper beam, carrier and AAF (Active Air Flap).

It contributes to parts integration, increased productivity and enhanced quality.

We have been conducting research for improvement of Pedestrian safety and low speed collision safety, upgrading aerodynamics, integration of electronic parts, and reducing weight by applying new materials.

Cockpit Module

It provides equipment for convenience, driving information, control systems, and directly protects the passengers’ safety.

It is an assembled module unit designed to combine multiple parts, including [PB1] an instrument panel, a cowl cross bar, an air-conditioning system and airbags into a single package to provide CBU (completely built unit) production lines.

Concurrent designing, development and assembly of multiple parts contribute to reducing the number of auto parts by combining them, lowering product weight, increasing productivity and enhancing the quality.

Front Chassis

Front chassis module is a part unit to benefit automakers by integrating the relevant parts among the ones comprising the framework of the lower part the vehicle.

It is designed to combine multiple parts: Strut complete for front wheels, spring, Shock absorber, Insulator, Gearbox (steering) and Drive shaft (driving), Brake disk, Caliper and Brake hose.

Rear Chassis

Rear chassis module enables maximization of productivity and quality improvement.

It is designed to combine multiple parts: Cross-member for rear wheels, Shock absorber and spring for rear wheels, Stabilizer bar and Step link, Arms for rear wheels, Wheel bearing, Brake disk, Caliper, Brake hose and parking cable.

We conduct research of core technologies for publication of parts and platforms of automakers by developing optimal modules.

Head Lamps (Mošnov)

Head lamp is a lighting system located at the front of the vehicle. It provides the driver with a perfect overview when driving on the road and orientation in various degraded conditions.

In addition to its safety features, it is also a design element that gives the car its unique style and character.

Rear Lamps (Mošnov)

The rear light like the head light is a set of many internal elements and electronics enclosed in one unit, which can be seen at the rear of the car. It signals other drivers about our presence on the road and the course of driving thanks to directional and braking functions. Its appearance also contributes to strengthening the character of the car.

In our plant in Mošnov we manufacture individual components and assemble finished products for cars of many specifications using LED technology or standard bulb sources. These final lighting products must meet the broad requirements of our customers.

Battery system assembly - BSA (Mošnov)

The battery is an integral part of all electric cars. The battery affects the range of electric vehicles and is also worth better dynamics and driving comfort. Its mounting in the lower part of the vehicle shifts its center of gravity lower, improves the usability of storage space and also helps to increase the rigidity of the body. In Mošnov we assemble batteries for EV Kona in double capacity of 64 kWh and 39,2 kWh.