Commitment in the field of OH&S for 2017

There are many tasks awaiting us in the year 2017, with the aim to continuously improve the level of Occupational Health & Safety and ultimately reduce the absolute number of working injuries with sick leave. This leads us not only to regulatory requirements but also to the requirements resulting from Occupational Health & Safety system, which we will newly certify in compliance with OHSAS 18001 after three years in 2017.

In 2016 our company recorded eight work accidents with sickness leave of more than three calendar days. Although this figure is not high, this number is one of the highest compare to other concerned companies. Therefore reducing the total number of occupational accidents with a focus on staff training and to increase their awareness about safe behavior in the workplace will be one of the priority tasks in 2017. The cause of most work accidents was a mistake of injured person or careless behavior in the workplace.

More emphasis will also be placed on the investigation of occupational accidents, an investigation of the causes and circumstances, always will be strictly required alcohol test of injured person, visual inspection of the the place of accident and questioning of witnesses to minimize the possibility of recognition of fake accidents at work.

Planned is also a greater involvement of managers of all departments, especially with determing of measures against the recurrence of occupational accidents, since care the health and safety of their employees is an integral part of their work duties appointed by the Labour Code.

Jaroslav Blahuta, Safety Specialist